Welcome to LINUX

What is LINUX ?
LINUX is an operating system.

What is Linux Mint ?
Linux Mint is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu/Debian.

Where can we get Linux Mint ?
We can get Mint from it’s official page here.

Select 32-bit or 64 bit editions based on your system configuration and download it, download versions which are at-least 6 months old. Because user support would be available more for a older version than a newer version.

Once you have downloaded the Linux distro(iso image), burn it into a pen drive or CD/DVD.

We can create a live USB by using UNetbootin.

Partition the disk space on your hard disk so as to accommodate Linux, keep the formatted disk space in FAT format.

Plug-in the live USB/Bootable CD-DVD into your system and restart the system.

Press F2(windows users) and follow the installation instructions on the screen.

After completing the installation plugin to the internet, at times there would be wi-fi issues because of driver inavailability. It can be resolved by following the instructions on this page.

Linux offers a wide avenue for developers, moreover it’s a Free-distro, anyone can use it.

It has a community which can be followed at this page.  There is askubuntu to resolve issues related to ubuntu/linux.

So, open Terminal and start working.

$ Welcome to LINUX

HSR Layout(Kengal Hanumanthaiah Layout): A residential area with Beauty and Brains(Pun intended)

If you are a Bengalurian you would have probably come across HSR Layout by now.

Located in south-east Bengaluru is Hosur Sarjapura Layout.

Towards the North of the layout is the Sarjapura road and in the west is the Hosur road.

Sarjapura road upto Iblur signal is also part of outer ring road(ORR).

Outer ring road of Bengaluru houses many Fortune 500 companies making HSR layout the goto residential area for professionals.

This layout hosts the beautiful Agara lake.

HSR layout is divided into 7 sectors.

Lord Hanuman temple(with mammoth statue) is the guardian deity located in Agara(near Sector-1).

There are many temples of historical significance in Agara.

HSR Layout is turning out to be the new startup hub dethroning Koramangala from top.

27th Main road located to the east of layout is a shopping zone of sorts with almost every top brand of clothing and consumer goods having a shop here.

Also, the charming National Institute of Fashion Technology(NIFT) is located on this road.

Many leading banks of the country have branches throughout the layout.

At the center of the layout is BDA(Bengaluru Development Authority) complex(Sector-6) which is another shopping zone.

Roads throughout the layout are well planned.

It is one of the few layouts in Bengaluru which has more parks providing lung space for its residents.

There is no dearth of restaurants as their number is increasing with time.

A post office at BDA complex, Police station in 27th Main road, BESCOM and BWSSB offices alongside 17th cross road, HSR has all basic official organisations.

BMTC(Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) which is the local bus transport body also has a station in HSR layout.

If you have not yet been to this place, start reaching out to 560102(pincode).

Note: Beware of Silk Board