US Consulate in Bengaluru

According to White House sources US will soon open Consulate Offices in Bengaluru and Ahmedabad.

This development will help Visa seekers within Karnataka and nearby states to get their Visa’s approved in Bengaluru.

Apache Gremlin

  • Gremlin is used for data in a graph.
  • Entities are defined as vertices that form nodes.
  • Nodes are connected by edges that represent relationships.

Submersible Pump

A submersible pump is a type of electric pump that is designed to be completely submerged in water. It is typically used to pump water from a well, a borewell, or other underground water source. The pump consists of a motor and a pump impeller that is encased in a waterproof housing.

One of the main advantages of submersible pumps is that they are able to operate at very deep depths, as they are designed to be completely submerged in water. This makes them ideal for use in areas where the water table is deep below the ground, or in wells where the water level is too low to be reached by other types of pumps.

Submersible pumps are also very reliable, as they are protected from the elements and are not affected by weather conditions or surface conditions. They are also relatively low maintenance, as they do not require frequent cleaning or servicing.

There are several different types of submersible pumps available, including centrifugal pumps, which use a rotating impeller to draw water through the pump, and positive displacement pumps, which use a reciprocating action to move the water. The type of pump used depends on the specific needs and requirements of the application.

The stages in a submersible pump refer to the number of impellers that are used to move water through the pump. Impellers are rotating blades that are used to create a flow of water through the pump.

In a single-stage submersible pump, there is only one impeller that is used to move water through the pump. Single-stage pumps are typically used for shallow wells or for pumping water from a surface source, such as a pond or stream.

In a two-stage submersible pump, there are two impellers that are used to move water through the pump. The first impeller draws water into the pump and the second impeller increases the pressure of the water as it is pumped to the surface. Two-stage pumps are typically used for deeper wells or for pumping water over long distances.

In a multi-stage submersible pump, there are three or more impellers that are used to move water through the pump. Multi-stage pumps are typically used for very deep wells or for pumping water over extremely long distances.

The number of stages in a submersible pump is an important consideration when selecting a pump, as it determines the pump’s ability to lift water to the surface and the overall efficiency of the pump.

Karnataka Cabinet Portfolios

  • DPAR.
  • Finance Department.
  • Intelligence from Home Department.
  • Cabinet Affairs.
  • Bangalore Development.
  • Major and Medium irrigation.
  • Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department.
  • Revenue Department excluding Muzrai.
  • Transport Department, ST Welfare.
  • Housing, Infrastructure Development.
  • Forest, Food, Civil Supplies and Consumers Affairs Department.
  • Fisheries, Port and Inland Transport Department.
  • Minor Irrigation, law, Parliamentary Affairs and Legislation.
  • Home Department excluding Intelligence.
  • Higher Education, IT & BT, Science and Technology, Skill Development.
  • Public Works Department.
  • Tourism Department, Environment and Ecology Department.
  • Social Welfare, Backward Classes Welfare Department.
  • Animal Husbandry Department.
  • Large & Medium Scale Industries.
  • Labour Department.
  • Co-operation Department.
  • Agriculture Department.
  • Urban Development Department (including KUWSDB & KUIDFC, Excluding Bangalore Development, BBMP, BDA, BWSSB, BMRDA, BMRCL Directorate of Town Planning from Urban Development)
  • Health & Family Welfare, Medical Education Department.
  • Excise from Finance Department.
  • Muzrai, Haj and Wakf Department.
  • Municipal Administration, Small Scale Industries, Public Sector Industries.
  • Sericulture,Youth Empowerment and Sports Department.
  • Primary & Secondary Education and Sakala.
  • Energy, Kannada and Culture Department.
  • Mines and Geology from Commerce and Industries Department, Women and Child Development, Empowerment of differently Abled and Senior Citizens Department.
  • Handloom and Textile Department from Commerce & Industries Department,Sugarcane Development and Directorate of Sugar.
  • Horticulture and Planning, Programme Monitoring Statistics Department.