Apache Gremlin

  • Gremlin is used for data in a graph.
  • Entities are defined as vertices that form nodes.
  • Nodes are connected by edges that represent relationships.

Azure cosmos DB APIs


Used for

Gremlin API

Graph Databases


Store BSON Format Data

Table API

Retrieve Key/Value Pair

Cassandra API

Retrieve Tabular Data

Azure Files – Network File Sharing Protocols:

  • Server Message Block (SMB) file sharing is commonly used across multiple operating systems (Windows, Linux, macOS).


  • Network File System (NFS) shares are used by some Linux and macOS versions. To create an NFS share, you must use a premium tier storage account and create and configure a virtual network through which access to the share can be controlled.

Types of blob supported by Azure Blob Storage


  • Block blobs. A block blob is handled as a set of blocks. Each block can vary in size, up to 100 MB. A block blob can contain up to 50,000 blocks, giving a maximum size of over 4.7 TB. The block is the smallest amount of data that can be read or written as an individual unit. Block blobs are best used to store discrete, large, binary objects that change infrequently.


  • Page blobs. A page blob is organized as a collection of fixed size 512-byte pages. A page blob is optimized to support random read and write operations; you can fetch and store data for a single page if necessary. A page blob can hold up to 8 TB of data. Azure uses page blobs to implement virtual disk storage for virtual machines.


  • Append blobs. An append blob is a block blob optimized to support append operations. You can only add blocks to the end of an append blob; updating or deleting existing blocks isn’t supported. Each block can vary in size, up to 4 MB. The maximum size of an append blob is just over 195 GB.

Azure Tables

Azure Table Storage table comprises two elements; the partition key that identifies the partition containing the row, and a row key that is unique to each row in the same partition. Items in the same partition are stored in row key order.